Aeris on : Los Alamos Scientists Say Their New Technology Could Cut Methane Emissions By 90%

Published on Nov 23, 2020,06:00am EST at Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory have developed newtechnology that they say could reduce emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, by up to 90%.  In work funded by the US Department of Energy’s Advanced ResearchProjects Agency–Energy (ARPA-E), a team of three Read More

High resolution methane measurements from UAVs

From Posted on May 23, 2019 by Mattias Sparv Embedded is helping Linköping University to integrate a high precision CH4 (methane) sensor from Aeris Technologies with the Sparvio system. The sensor has an unprecedented CH4 resolution for its size, measuring variations smaller than one ppb (parts per billion). This Read More