Aeris Technologies Inc. relies on:

  • A portfolio of patented revolutionary multipass cells featuring long pathlength, extremely low volume, and inexpensive manufacturing,
  • State-of-the-art custom electronics with industry leading low noise and low power consumption, and
  • The know-how of multiple decades of experience in laser spectroscopy and high performance instrument design.

By combining those assets with solid state laser sources, the MIRA series analyzers achieve sub-ppb sensitivity and ppb level accuracy in an ultraportable, low power consumption package. MIRA’s single board computer efficiently controls all critical analyzer functions, with industry-lowest power consumption. The proprietary sensor engine used in every MIRA analyzer uniquely achieves a long absorption path length in an extremely small volume, providing ultra-high sensitivity and a fast response time with reduced pumping requirements.

The MIRA Series gas analyzers are based on mid-infrared absorption spectroscopy, providing high sensitivity and specificity. Compared to near-infrared absorption-based analyzers currently on the market, MIRA mid-infrared analyzers enable the same absorption to be obtained in a much shorter path length. This eliminates the need for fragile, high reflectivity optics in the sensor core,  making MIRA analyzers 100x less susceptible to optical contamination than analyzers based on “cavity-enhanced” approaches.