The MIRA Ultra analyzers combine the key features of the MIRA Pico with a temperature-stabilized sensor core to achieve high sensitivity and ultra low drift, significantly reducing or altogether eliminating calibration requirements in many cases. The sensing core of the MIRA analyzer is kept at a temperature set point near 42 °C with millikelvin stability to ensure exceptionally low drift and avoid sample condensation.

The MIRA Ultra analyzers come in a compact 3U, 1 foot-deep form factor, the smallest in the industry. It weights only 5 kg and typically consumes 25 W of electric power.

The MIRA Ultra instrument can also come in a portable hard shell plastic case.  Our current list of Ultra instruments includes:

Key Features

  • Exceptionally low drift
  • 5-kg 3U Enclosure (W = 43 cm x D = 28 cm x H = 13.25 cm )
  • Ready to measure one minute after pressing the start button
  • Full absorption spectrum always visible
  • Ultra small 60 cc cell volume for instantaneous response and sharp signals when measuring transients
  • Autonomous and continuous operation
  • 1 Hz default reporting and data logging
  • 25W power consumption (standard conditions)
  • High precision measurement of water vapor, reporting of other species in dry mole fraction without the need for drying or data corrections
  • Linear response over a wide concentration range spanning multiple orders of magnitude (typically ppb to thousands of ppm)
  • On-board data storage allowing for years of operation before removing oldest data
  • User interface accessible from any WiFi-enabled device
  • Data logged in spreadsheet format accessible over WiFi network or USB drive
  • Data stream from analyzer via serial RS-232 cable or wireless UDP communication
  • Cellular modem for remote access where cell phone coverage is available