Introducing the new MIRA CO2/N2O portable analyzer from Aeris Technologies, Inc. The MIRA CO2/N2O analyzer is a massive leap forward to monitor two of the most important greenhouse gases on Earth. Its 1σ-precision specifications are the following for 1 second and 5 minutes of integration periods:

  • CO2 = 200 and 20 ppb,
  • N2O = 200 and 20 ppt.

The MIRA analyzer provides a real-time and autonomous operation, extreme linearity over multiple decades of concentration, is portable, battery-powered, and at a fraction of the cost of analytical solutions displaying comparable performance.

The MIRA CO2/N2O analyzer can be used for a wide variety of monitoring applications including:

  • Atmospheric Studies
  • Geoscience Studies
  • Combustion Studies
  • Emission Monitoring
  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Automotive emissions

Key Features

  • High precision measurement of water vapor, reporting of CO2 and N2O in dry mole fraction without the need for drying or data corrections
  • Ultra-portable
  • Ready to measure one minute after pressing the start button
  • Full absorption spectrum always visible
  • Ultra small 60 cc cell volume for instantaneous response and sharp signals when measuring transients
  • Autonomous and continuous operation
  • 1 Hz default reporting and data logging
  • 15 W power consumption (standard conditions)
  • On-board Li-ion batteries provide 6 hours of continuous use (standard conditions) in the Pico embodiment
  • Linear response over a wide concentration range spanning multiple orders of magnitude (typically ppb to thousands of ppm)
  • On-board data storage allowing for years of operation before removing oldest data
  • User interface accessible from any WiFi-enabled device
  • Data logged in spreadsheet format accessible over WiFi network or USB drive
  • Data stream from analyzer via serial RS-232 cable or wireless UDP communication
  • Cellular modem for remote access where cell phone coverage is available