The MIRA gas sensing technology is an ultra-compact long-path tunable diode laser spectrometer combined with miniaturized proprietary electronics. This gas sensing core is available in multiple MIRA embodiments:

  • The Pico for mobile applications and easiest field deployability.
  • The Ultra which includes a housing controlled in temperature at the millikelvin level for ultimate stability and accuracy. The Ultra comes either in a portable hard shell plastic case, or in an aluminum enclosure for bench top or rack mount uses.
  • The Strato is the lightest and most compact configuration designed with drone deployments in mind.
  • The Responder Advanced Mobile Leak Detection System enables to convert any vehicle into a unique LDAR tool in minutes. (“LDAR” for leak detection and repair.)
  • Weatherproof outdoor enclosure with solar panels for off-grid continuous monitoring.

The MIRA gas sensing core was designed as an extremely versatile and laser-agnostic tool. Any molecule presenting absorption features in the mid-infrared can be precisely quantified with unprecedented sensitivity in spectral regions where high-resolution tunable lasers are available.